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These works will not be displayed on billboards or any location in public space dedicated to the showing of photographic images produced for expressly "functional" (e.g. commercial) ends. Nor, on the other hand, will they be shown in art galleries (the only places, Boris Groys alleges, in which a photograph can be accepted as being a work of art). Instead, it will be for the artists themselves (who will be staying in Graz), to work with various partners to select sites in the public sphere exemplifying different kinds of interface in the city's functioning: interest group associations (e.g. trade unions, chambers of commerce), universities, insurance companies, banks, multiple stores or the internet. The "picture postcards" created in the course of the systematic work process will be publicly displayed in a manner in which content and location are congruent (in opposition to a traditional practice of "street furniture").


Following the construction and then deconstruction of the topic of SIGHT.SEEING the individual works will be published as a series of picture postcards and put on sale, and they will also be available for transmission as e-cards.

The project will be accompanied and documented by a Home Page and by printed publications.