3. Österreichische Triennale zur Fotografie 1999 Tomaz Gregoric
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Periferie, 1998/99 Periferie, 1998/99
<Tomaz Gregoric, Periferie, 1998/99>

  Biographie/Biography   Tomaz Gregoric (SLO)       

* 1969 in Ljubljana
lebt und arbeitet / lives and works in Ljubljana

Until my graduation on Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1993 (Graphic Design department) I was dedicated to three fields of visual art, painting, graphic design and photography. I was more or less focused on composition qualities and harmony of pictorial elements. But after I received Delphina Studio trust award in London (nine months residence in her studios) I finished with painting and design and started using photography as a medium to express my attitude towards the society. My photography became more documentary, strait and simple, with portrait as a main motive. These were more or less black and white photographs. I started participating in group exhibitions and I had also some solo exhibitions (listed below). In 1998 I became more and more interested in film and colour photography. I started directing participators in my images to get a kind of frozen film stills or I push them in unusual positions to check the reaction of their bodies.
From 1994 I was also participating in different field of commercial photography, from fashion to architecture photography. I was working for main Slovenian companies and also political parties (the biggest projects are listed below). Some ideas for my personal work are coming out from that experiences, mainly as a reflection of myself as a spectator and participator at the same time.

Einzelausstellungen / Individual Exhibitions

1993 IDCO, Information and Documentation Centre for Design, Ljubljana
1995 Untitled, SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana
1997 London 1995/96, National and University Library, Ljubljana
1999 Month of Photography 1999, Bratislava

Ausstellungsbeteiligungen / Group Exhibitions

1994 Young Artists of Mediterranean, Lisbon
1995 M'ZIN's Photography of the year, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
1996 SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana
1997 Winter Salon, Municipal Gallery, Ljubljana
Summer Salo', Delphina Studio Trust, London
1998 Concours Europeen de la Photographie 'Images '98', Vevey, Switzerland
1999 Month of Photograph, Budapest
Winter Salon, Buenos Aires

Kommerzielle Auftragsarbeiten (Auswahl) / Commercial Work, Commissions (Selection)

Petrol, oil company
Krka, Pharmacist company
Lek, Pharmacist company
Vodeb, Fashion
Mura, Fashion
Labod, Fashion
Delo, Publishing house
Pop TV, TV station
A kanal, TV station
Ljubljanska banka, Bank
Banka Celje, Bank
LDS, election campaign
Mobitel, Mobile Phone Operator
Ars Vivendi, M'zin, Glamur, Modna Jana, art and fashion magazines


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