FA+ ist die Bezeichnung unterschiedlicher Projekte der Künstler Ingrid Falk (geboren 1960 in Stockholm) und Gustavo Aguerre (geboren 1953 in Buenos Aires). Das + steht für andere Teilnehmer, die von Projekt zu Projekt wechseln. Der Buchstabe ihrer Namen wird an das FA hinzugefügt, weiters die Nummer des Projekts. FA+ ist in Stockholm stationiert.

FA+ is the cover name used for various projects done by the artists Ingrid Falk (born in 1960 in Stockholm) and Gustavo Aguerre (born in 1953 in Buenos Aires) in collaboration. The + stands for other participants that change from project to project. The initial letter of the participants’ name is added to the FA and the project number. FA+ is based in Stockholm.


Projekte / Projects 2002 FA 48 The influence of Jackson Pollock in the Israeli Army, Photo-print, Lunds Fotogalleri, Lund, and Umé Glokal 9.11, Art magazine – special edition, Umeå; FA 47 Art Storm / Schengen, Outdoors photo-installation, in public publicity spaces and art institutions, in 5 cities of Scandinavia, Sweden – Malmö – Malmö Konsthall – July 2002, Norway – Stavanger – Stavanger Kulturhus – July 2002, Island – Reykjavik – The Reykjavik Artmuseum – July 2002, Finland – Tampere – Kulttuuritalo Telakka – July 2002, Denmark – Odense – Brandts Kloedefabrik – July 2002; FA 46 Healing Time, Outdoors installation with hospital bed-frames and figures burned in the grass, Belgrade’s Summer Art Event, Beograd; FA 45 Schengen – Tours 2 – Umeå, Extended version: video, mixed media installation and container, BildMuseet, Umeå; 2001 FA 44 Schengen – Tours 1 – Tirana Biennial, Installation with photos, logos, model and t-shirts, 1st Biennial of Tirana; FA 43 The Other Dead, Installation with photos, sculpture of sacramental wafers, NB01 – Nordic Art Biennial 01, Göteborg; FA 42 The Art of Survival – Trans//Form 1, photo-suite of Swedish families in arms, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, June 2001; The Art of Survival – Trans//Form 2, Sternersenmuseet, Oslo, July 2001; The Art of Survival – Trans//Form 3, Gallery Overgården, København, Danmark, December 2001-Jan 2002; The Art of Survival – Trans//Form 4, Narva Muuseum, Kunsti Galeri, Narva, Estonia, May-July 2002; The Art of Survival – Trans//Form 5, Artist Union of Latvia’s Gallery, Riga, Latvia, August 2002; The Art of Survival – Trans//Form 6, Kunst og Kultur, Daugavpils, Latvia, September 2002; The Art of Survival – Trans//Form 7, Rokiskis Kunstmuseum, Rokiski, Lithuania, November 2002; The Art of Survival – Trans//Form 8, Kaliningrad Museum, Kaliningrad, Russia, December 2002; FAA 41 Contra-Natura, Installation with food-plants in war, mixed media and sound, Edsvik Art-space; 2000 FA 40 The Toaster, A 4.5 X 4 meter wall-installation with toasted bread. Pax securitas an installation with surveillance-cameras and monitors, 1st International Art Biennial of Buenos Aires, 2000/01; FA 38 The Memory of Marnay-Sur-Seine, Photo and videoinstallations and mixed media, produced in CAMAC art centre, exhibited in CAMAC and Centre Culturel Suédois, Paris; 1999 FAB 36 Triple Chris, A 10 min TV-program for national TV1/ Bildjournalen, designed like a future; FAO... 33 Contagious // Lunch Live, Dinner Event and Video-installation in the Italian Pavilion, La Biennale di Venezia; 1997 FA 26 CITAT, The Strindberg Quotations as a permanent art piece in the city, 800 meters of Stainless steel letters on asphalt, Drottninggatan Stockholm 1997-1998; FAPLP...24 Contagion = The Other, 17 artists working in Malmö and at Malmö Art Museum; 1996 FAC 19 Middag.doc, Video and bacteria installation, Contagion/Moderna Museet, Stockholm 1996/97; 1995 FAW 9 House of Cards, Monument with fences in the shape of a card house, Stockholm; 1994 FAWPM 5 L’arc de Triomphe, Arch of Triumph (16 m high and 18 m wide) constructed using 24 containers. The arch functioned as a cultural space in a central park in Stockholm; 1993 FAWP 3 Il Cadavere Squisito, Life-sized figure made completely out of bread, Piazza San Marco, La Biennale di Venezia;

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